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Customised Paper Bags Singapore

Paper Bag

Marketing of a product goes beyond conventional flyers and brochures. Capitalise on your customers to help you promote brand awareness by having them carry a paper bag which carries your brand. Moreover, paper bags are essential vehicles for brand image. As such we realise the importance of designing and creating paper bags that are relevant, of good quality and catches people’s attention.

Customised Packaging Boxes

Cake Box

Cake boxes are not just a medium in which you store and transport a cake in. Cake companies are now trying to outdo each other in terms of concepts and cake box designs. They recognise that cake boxes projects a brands commitment to creativity, quality and professionalism. As such, we take pride in helping you achieve the perfect cake box design for your brand that could help boost your brand’s image.

Custom Packaging in Singapore

Rigid Box

Perhaps one of the most common and important form of packaging, the rigid box is not to be overlooked. It could be made from a variety of material and could come in all shapes and sizes, according to the specifications of the client. With us as your partner, we could turn the ordinary plain box into one that would be able to grab the attention of your customers and increase the sales of your product. Coupled together with functionality and protection, we are able to create quality boxes that are within your budget.

Coaster Box Packaging and Printing


Coasters are everyday household items that people use and see. Despite it being small in nature, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing a coaster. An immaculate eye for detail is required.  Behind every coaster is our dedication to superior colour printing, durability, and optimal marketing design.

Customised Folder Printing Designs


Folders are excellent marketing materials for companies everywhere. Whether you are a large multinational company or a small-medium sized enterprise, folders could help enhance your company’s image and generate a greater brand awareness. Careful design and quality control goes into every folder that we produce.


Cosmetics Boxes Packaging and Printing

Cosmetics Package

The cosmetics and beauty sector has always been one of our long-standing clientele-base. We recognised the complexity when it comes to designing and creating a customised packaging solution for your product. With experience accumulated over the years, we possess the capabilities to produce customized beauty packaging so as to help retailers to bring out the best in their products.


Customised Packaging for Pizza Boxes

Pizza Box

We have the skills and expertise to produce pizza boxes and similar packaging to meet the distribution needs of clients. We recognise that these boxes that keep food must have some kind of insulation so that it reaches the customer fresh. Moreover we recognise that quality colour printing is required to attract the attention of potential customers.

Customised Packaging for Carton Boxes


More than just packaging - cartons not only keep products safe and secure, but it also serves as a platform for advertising and educating consumers about the product. We rely on our in-house production facility to produce cartons for our clients at reasonable rates, always fulfilling timely delivery.

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Hanging Mobile

Ever seen hanging advertisements on the buses or trains? These are called hanging mobiles, which are unique marketing visuals. These hanging mobiles require vibrant colours and attention-grabbing slogans that would cause an individual to stop in his tracks and pick up one to find out more. Speak to our print specialists today for more ideas on the custom design that you desire for these excellent promotional materials.

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Beer Packaging

When it comes to beer packaging, strength of material is definitely the most important factor. We hold a strong track record of delivering only the highest quality to our clients.

Wine Packaging Boxes Singapore

Wine Packaging

Like its beer counterpart, we produce top quality wine packaging augmented by superior colour printing and design. We are able to conceptualise, design and print the perfect wine packaging for your product to reach your desired customers. Create a vintage and classic packaging to target working professionals while a vibrant and hip packaging would attract reach a younger crowd of consumers.

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